Guided City Walks

Where can I buy tickets?

At our Red Kiosk by the Canterbury Museum, or, at i-Site in The Arts Centre.

When is the kiosk open?

We’re open 30 minutes before each walk from 1 October through 30 April, and from 11.15 am to 1.15 pm in May and September.

Do I have to book?

Usually not. We rarely turn anyone away, but we are getting busier.

How can I book tickets?

We cannot take our own bookings unfortunately, but i-Site will take bookings, at their office or online,

How long are the walks?

About 2.5 hrs.

How big are the groups?

Most groups are from 1 – 8 people.

Can I pay by credit card or EFTPOS?

We don’t have facilities to accept cards in the kiosk. Christchurch i-Site (only 150 m away) can do this for us.

Where is the nearest ATM?

In the Arts Centre near i-Site.

Canterbury Museum

185 Chairs - February 2011 earthquake memorial

Punting on the Avon

Arts Centre Cloister


Gargoyles Cantebury Museum



The Walk

The Walk


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